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V stands for many things.

Welcome to Vessot design.

I've been designing for many amazing companies throughout my career, which has been a long long time, and for the first time ever I am about to launch an online boutique that features two gorgeous brands I designed. This is a thrilling concept as most of the pieces have sold out, and it's at Shop Vessot that we can exclusively recreate them especially for you.  I am really thrilled about this happening.

A special note to express sincere thanks to Kirk Wilson for his support, creativity and expertise towards the creation of the shop and the concept itself since it's inception. His touch you will see, is unique and inspiring.

Please follow me on Instagram for 'Shop Vessot' launch updates at  https://www.instagram.com/vessotdesign

Custom design is another passion of mine, for those one of a kind more personal pieces you might be dreaming of.  
Reworking some stones, refreshing, recapturing a memory or marking a milestone, whatever the reason is for creating that piece that just can't be found out there,
I would love to do this for you.

I work with Montreals top jewellers to keep the making close to me, and to be sure your piece is as beautiful as how you imagined it would be.
Feel free to send  a message and we can go from there.

I welcome inquiries about designing jewellery towards fundraising and awareness. It feels good to be involved and make a difference out there.

Please be sure to checkout the Press tab for some of my event highlights,  Industry Awards lineup with clickable links,
and Portfolio excerpt-segment for a little browse of some Brand work I've done along the way.

With appreciation,

Claire Vessot